Safety & Security

The Safety & Security Team’s mission statement is “to support a safe and secure environment for worship where all are welcome.” The team’s primary role is to maintain a heightened awareness of potential risks on church property, immediately before, during, and after the 10:00 AM worship service on Sundays, and to take appropriate steps to minimize the risk to the congregation. The team is also prepared to respond to severe weather, fire, and medical emergencies. 

Currently, 15 members serve on the Safety & Security Team and rotate responsibilities on a weekly basis. Utilizing two-way radios, security cameras, and target hardening techniques the team communicates with one another, ushers, greeters, facilities, and staff responsible for our children to assure a welcoming and safe environment for those gathered in worship. The Safety & Security Team is led by Chris Hunt (Police Officer-Retired).

Volunteer Safety & Security Coordinatorr

Chris Hunt